Blogs I read

Seth Godin

My favorite marketing guy – who is way more than a marketing guy. Inspiration for makers, artists, craftsmen and business people of all sorts.

Paul Graham Essays

Some of my favorite posts covering startups and philosophy of high tech craftsmanship on the web.

AVC – Fred Wilson

I especially like his MBA Monday’s series. Great community over there with high quality comments.

Above the Crowd – Bill Gurley

Excellent posts in high tech business.

Simplicity Rules – Adam Duvander

Writer, coder, local geek organizer and an all around nice guy.

Chris O’Shea and his augmented reality stuff

Some amazing augmented reality projects and demos.

Elia Insider

Mobile software – business and tech.

Master of 500 Hats – Dave McClure

All sorts of high tech startup business stuff with a dose of pure crazy. Geeks on a plane. Cussing in the most fashionable of ways.

Giles Bowkett

Often hilarious. Often insightful. Sometimes neither and just a a-hole :)

Ben Horowitz

Excellent quality VC/business posts worth reading over and over.


Always interesting and out there :)


Little tiny bits of inspiration and cleverness. Hilarious and awesome.

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