Posted by: andy idsinga | November 15, 2009

Kids making things: rock friends and more

This blog is about making things, fixing things and sharing knowledge.

I was thrilled to learn last week that that my youngest daughter made a new toy for herself: a “rock friend”. The rock friend’s name? You guessed it: “rockie”. She’s a girl rock friend :)

She was very proud of her accomplishment – and I was even more proud. She was even happy that she “didn’t even have to spend any money on the new toy”.

Since one rock friend is never enough she made several more and then recruited her real friend from across the street to make more together.

Without further ado, here are the rock friends (click them to see bigger images):

To round out this post, here is an amazing video from Ted Talks about life lessons kids learn from tinkering and making things. It’s folks like Gever Tulley that remind me to take the kids under the car when I’m changing the oil or hand them the electric drill when their curious.




  1. SO awesome – I especially love the bed and the computer – too funny!

    • Thanks Stephanie – I’ll let the kids read your comment.
      They had so much fun making them. I had fun blogging about them :)

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