Posted by: andy idsinga | November 13, 2009

Hacker’s coffee service c. 2009

I drink a lot of coffee. Probably too much.
I also work at home a lot. I’m working right now. Well, I’m on a coffee break ;)

I usually drink drip coffee, but when I ran out of filters recently I switched over to my french press.

Epiphany : I can take my french press, full of fresh coffee, up to my home office!
…and if I can take my french press, I can take my cream and sugar too.

I decided to let a little bit of my artsy self out and snapped a photo of my new DIY coffee service. Yeah, I know this probably doesn’t qualify as art :)

Feel free to post comments with links to your “coffee service” photos. With your permission, I’ll event add them to this post!.

“Hacker’s Coffee Service c. 2009”
Hacker's Coffee Service c. 2009[/caption]

Jan 24 2010, felt this was appropriate to add to this poinst
product appeal and simplicity


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