Posted by: andy idsinga | March 7, 2010

Kids making things: sewing

This is a guest post by Lori Madsen.

Our daughter, Annika has started sewing again.

I don’t sew. At all. I don’t count the occasional button as sewing.

My mother, Cheryl, is a great seamstress. A gene that apparently skipped a generation. I have the desire but no skill or machine to practice with.

A few weeks ago Annika decided she wanted to make a landscape scene out of fabric. Grandma Cheryl came over with a bag of fabric scraps and she and Annika chatted about sewing projects and worked on the scene together.

She had given her a sewing kit for the holidays that Annika loves. Their next project together will be a stuffed dog. Annika is excited to start that one!

After the landscape scene Annika started making pillows by hand stitching.

Then she moved on to sleeping bags and pillows for stuffed animals for all her friends.

Her friends have been coming over to learn from her and make their own. Last time they left with a selection of fabric to create their own projects at home.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this leads next.


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