Posted by: andy idsinga | December 30, 2009

Making a snowman in Portland OR

We made a snowman last night! (Dec 29, 2009).

Here in Portland OR, when you get some snow outside your front door these things happen:

  • You get stuck in traffic or hear about people getting stuck in traffic.
  • You get your butt outside and play in it …along with many of your neighbors.

In this post I’m sharing some photos of us building a snowman (snow thing?).
Please share links to your photos and posts about having fun in the snow!

Don’t forget you can click on the photos to see the large glorious versions :)

Here we are after we built the bottom and middle parts. We made them so big we couldn’t lift the middle section up – so I got a few 2×4 boards from my stash in the garage. Just like when the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids right ;).

Putting the head up on top was a slight back breaker – I figure the snowman was 7′ tall :).

This is what it’s all about right here:

Snowman and smiling kids the next morning!

Here are some bonus photos of #snowpocalypse09 :)

Late afternoon – just after the snow started falling. NE 64th Ave, Portland OR:

Early evening. I’m getting so excited about the amount of snow!

Looking up at a streetlight through tree branches somewhere between NE 64th ave and the Laurelwood pub. My daughter and I took a walk in the snow to the pub for hot chocolate and beer (my fav Vinter Varmer). Along the way I spent a lot of time throwing snowballs at telephone polls ;)



  1. Nice “monster-sized” snowman. And you can keep all that cold stuff out your way.

  2. :) thanks! My sore back agrees with the “monster-sized” statement.
    Nice think about Portland is the cold stuff doesn’t last too long down here in the city. Thankfully it’s only a 60 to 90 min drive up to the Mt Hood for more snow play.

  3. The gender neutral term would be snowpeep. You probably insulted it with “snowthing”. ;)

    • The “snow thing” was a reference to all the dirt :)

  4. Looks like lots of fun! We missed most of the snow fun, because we were driving back from California. We *did* catch the snow traffic, though!

  5. See Adam – that’s what you get for going back to California – no snow for you! ;)

  6. I have to say that I really enjoy this website. I just wanted drop a comment and say what a wonderful job you’ve done. I wish other sites would put so much time into their blog. Keep the posts coming.

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